Godzilla, environmentalist

Godzilla might enjoy a keg of radiation, but he is an environmentalist at heart. He saved the earth from the Smog Monster (Hedora) and was instrumental in sending a message against nuclear testing on small islands in both “Godzilla v. the Sea Monster” and “Son of Godzilla”. Continue reading “Godzilla, environmentalist”

Still life: Mick Karn

Japan was a band from my youth, a British boy group whose music now seems so dated. There were synths, weird riffs and a desperation by David Sylvian, the band’s lead singer, to break into a new sort of music convention that was post-New York Dolls.  Continue reading “Still life: Mick Karn”

My mother’s driving, and other strange tales


Among my mother’s group of Japanese friends, she was the only one that learned how to drive.  I would sit the back seat of the driver’s training vehicle as she maneuvered around San Francisco to the exasperation of her instructor.   Continue reading “My mother’s driving, and other strange tales”