Choosing a mail order husband


While I was a prolific letter writer during my teenage years, my choices of pen pals were not always wise.  Of course, it took a while to dispense of my one prison pen pal, but I finally managed to confine my correspondence to one nice German girl who sent me wonderful photos of her home in Bavaria and from vacations to Spain.  Continue reading “Choosing a mail order husband”

The space alien’s guide to childhood paranoia


At some point after I began Kindergarten, there was a noticeable change in the behavior of my parents.  Along with homework and my own awkwardness in social settings, I lost contact with both my mother or father.   Continue reading “The space alien’s guide to childhood paranoia”

I prefer my father Batman dancing


There are very few childhood memories of my father, a man who was already rushing towards old age by the time I was born.  At 50, he was already overweight, working the graveyard shift at the old Joseph Magnin department store in San Francisco.  He was always asleep by the time I got home from school, and I was ready for bed by the time he was getting ready for work.

Continue reading “I prefer my father Batman dancing”