Hit and run is the new black



On my second full solo outing with my husband’s Lexus, a charcoal grey car that he cherishes and cares for as a child, I had the misfortune of having some young punk’s motorcycle leave a giant dent followed by a trail of a long, deep scratch on the front end of his car.   Continue reading “Hit and run is the new black”

Mobile Chia

Mobile Chia

Not just any Smart Car from London! This beauty is totally eco, and would you really notice if someone took a hot poker and seared a hole into your car? Even if you do notice, you could fluff up the leaves to hide the flaws. A better alternative to the Yugo exterior, which always looked like baked dirt.


Of course, my friend Substitute reminded me that this Chia car looks a bit like the weed covered van that Cheech & Chong drove over the border in “Up In Smoke”.  Good call!