A very Japanese New Year (with some moonshine)


On the evening of the very last day of 2010, my husband and I zig-zagged our way through the Musashi-Kosugi train station markets where I admired clear plastic boxes of fresh shrimp tempura and soba.  Continue reading “A very Japanese New Year (with some moonshine)”

Me, my selfie and I


(my steady hand)

On a recent vacation, my husband and I found ourselves walking past dozens of stumbling drunk people who would abruptly stop in place to take a selfie, posing against the backdrop of casino lights and celebrity impersonators that would dot the Vegas streets. Continue reading “Me, my selfie and I”

Finding perfection in a “Right Place”

A quirky 7-11 worker that demands uniformity, but not conformity, finds his place under the sun in “Right Place,” a delightful very short 5+ minute film. Continue reading “Finding perfection in a “Right Place””

Asian on celluloid: Ricardo Montalban

I have always liked Ricardo Montalban, the only individual on this planet capable of doing justice to Kahn.  He was so good as Kahn that “Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn” became one of my favorite Trek movies.  Continue reading “Asian on celluloid: Ricardo Montalban”

“…you look Chinese!…”

On a recent job interview with a local bank, the Vice President spent close to five minutes expressing her surprise that I was Japanese.  “You look Chinese..,” she kept saying, as if waiting for me to get on my knees and confess that I lied.  “Your skin is so white!,” she would continue, “and Japanese are so brown.” Continue reading ““…you look Chinese!…””