Hit and run is the new black



On my second full solo outing with my husband’s Lexus, a charcoal grey car that he cherishes and cares for as a child, I had the misfortune of having some young punk’s motorcycle leave a giant dent followed by a trail of a long, deep scratch on the front end of his car.   Continue reading “Hit and run is the new black”

Daddy teaches me how to to eliminate Public Enemy No. 1


My father forced me to go to the polling booth with him every year.  Dressed in my Catholic school uniform, I would walk with him to the local polling station, where he would force me to stay in my spot as he moved towards a heavy apparatus that looked like an essential part of Frankenstein’s laboratory. Continue reading “Daddy teaches me how to to eliminate Public Enemy No. 1”

Love, loyalty and the June Swoon


(This guy sometimes seemed to fall asleep while playing in the OF)

I developed my love for baseball over long summers sitting inn the upper deck at Candlestick Park, where Willie McCovey seemed to stand a few city blocks away, a miniature figure among other miniature figures in a massive, mostly empty stadium.  Continue reading “Love, loyalty and the June Swoon”

“…you look Chinese!…”

On a recent job interview with a local bank, the Vice President spent close to five minutes expressing her surprise that I was Japanese.  “You look Chinese..,” she kept saying, as if waiting for me to get on my knees and confess that I lied.  “Your skin is so white!,” she would continue, “and Japanese are so brown.” Continue reading ““…you look Chinese!…””

Arrive late, leave early …

I watch my SF Giants game on TV (except the ones v. the Dodgers because of TWC) because I live in Southern California.  With the exception of Amy G, I enjoy my games and looking at the beautiful stadium.  It is a source of civic pride, especially to this native San Franciscan who weathered so many seasons at Candlestick Park. Continue reading “Arrive late, leave early …”

Oriental Hollywood, or WOW…”47 Ronin” really sucks!

I have always loved the story of the 47 Ronin, or Chushingura.  We were told of it somewhere in our Japanese school lives, a classic heroes tale in which a vassal of loyal warriors to one particular Lord sought to avenge his wrongful death.  It is a story of honor triumphing over corruption, also highlighting a team spirit that is so important to Japanese culture.  Continue reading “Oriental Hollywood, or WOW…”47 Ronin” really sucks!”