Father doesn’t always know best


In the year of my early youth when my father was charged with bringing me to the Emporium rooftop for an afternoon of Santa photos and Christmas rides, he bundled me into a series of sweaters and scarves so tight that I began to sweat while riding the 5 Fulton.  Continue reading “Father doesn’t always know best”

Sister Linda did not like my Thanksgiving




The ritual post-Thanksgiving writing exercise required that Sister Linda’s third grade class detail  the holiday events. Continue reading “Sister Linda did not like my Thanksgiving”

Daddy teaches me how to to eliminate Public Enemy No. 1


My father forced me to go to the polling booth with him every year.  Dressed in my Catholic school uniform, I would walk with him to the local polling station, where he would force me to stay in my spot as he moved towards a heavy apparatus that looked like an essential part of Frankenstein’s laboratory. Continue reading “Daddy teaches me how to to eliminate Public Enemy No. 1”

Three out of five ain’t bad!


The team of my youth, the San Francisco Giants, has just won its third World Series in five years.  It is an amazing accomplishment, though it is still difficult for me to fully comprehend. Continue reading “Three out of five ain’t bad!”